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What are my options?

Step 1

Your first option is to select Medicare Parts A and B.

Your next two options involve a choice…

Supplement Medicare


Replace Medicare

Step 2

If you choose to supplement Medicare, you may select one of two options if available to you. You may choose a federally standardized Medicare Supplement also known as Medigap policy or group insurance from your current employer (employee group) or a previous employer (retiree group).

Step 3

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If you choose to replace your Medicare benefits, you may choose one of two options, if available to you. You may choose a federally standardized Medicare Advantage Plan, also known as Part C, or Medicaid if you qualify financially.

Keep in mind...

Is keeping your doctors important?

1. Search all Medicare Advantage networks in your geographic area to determine the networks in which your doctor participates.

2. If you find your doctors, then you may consider the Medicare Advantage plans a viable option.

3. If you do not find your doctors you may consider Medicare and a Medicare Supplement (Medigap) your viable option.

Is saving money on prescription drugs important?

1. Make a list of exactly what you take. The exact name of the drug, the dosage and amount needed for each day. If mail order is more cost effective the plan will reveal the results automatically.

2. Visit Medicare’s website ( ) to review every drug plan from every company at the same time.

1. Schedule time with one of our certified agents 480-405-8444

2. Attend an informational workshop in your area! Click here.

Would having the the lowest premium be important?

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